Introducing Bolt-ons

Fun Hunter is launching the ultimate online dating tools. The tools needed to turn you into a winner of the online dating world… The Bolt-ons.

With these bolt-ons to a full subscription to our sex dating site, you can’t fail.



The VIP member is cool, smart, sexy and guaranteed to get the girls. He is 75% more likely to attract attention than anyone else. Why? Because he stands out. How? Because he’s a VIP of course. By purchasing our Search VIP Bolt-on at £2.99, he’s now highlighted in search results and wears the Search VIP crown on his profile to show he means business.




The member who has the Read Notification is powerful. He knows who has and hasn’t read his messages. He knows who his time is best spent on. After purchasing the Read Notification Bolt-on, he knows that when that ‘eye’ icon turns bold, she’s read his message. So while he awaits her reply he can focus on the other things… like introducing himself to more members! The Read Notification costs £1.99.

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What do you want this Valentine’s Day?

In a survey carried out for Fun Hunter…

52% of you are looking for NO-STRINGS SEX! Compared to a mere 5% who are after a LONG-TERM relationship.

49% of you consider LOCATION the most important criteria before contacting someone online. Next up is someone’s profile at 22% followed by body shape at 11%.

53% of you chose MESSAGING as your preferred choice to catch someone’s eye. Next up was sending a WINK at 39%.

A WHOPPING 81% of you prefer receiving a MESSAGE to anything else!

37% of you are choosing not to be out on a date this Valentine’s Day!.

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Shagging – got to be the best word for it, no?

At FunHunter we are of course big fans of shagging. But it’s not just doing it we love, it’s the word itself. There are probably thousands of words in English to describe the same act but does any have quite the same mix of implications and associations? Shagging is fun, slang, used by either sex, has hints of equality and respect, slightly dirty (but not too much), can be a quick fumble or an all night session, can be used in most company (maybe not the in-laws) even gets mentioned in national newspapers.

Are there any other words that have such universal appeal?

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    Five Free Tips On How To Get Your Ex Back

    People use sex dating sites for all sorts of reasons. In fact you might be surprised. Young people looking for a good time, older people you can’t find the time. Yes there are even some married people looking for some fun away from home, but that’s by no means the majority. One reason why people might be attracted to an adult dating site is if they have recently split with a partner. And whilst it is often fun for a while to try something new, what they really want is to get their ex back.

    So for the benefit of those to whom this applies, here are Five Free Tips On How To Get Your Ex Back

    So your goal is to get back with your ex and you want some free tips on how to get your ex back. The very first thing you need to do is re-evaluate this. You may be putting yourself through some unnecessary drama if this relationship wasn’t meant to be. If, however, you are convinced that there is nothing better that you can be doing than getting your ex back, there are several things that will help you accomplish that.

    1) Don’t get over ambitious. It can be easy to get passionate about getting back together. Nothing wrong with a little passion, but there is such a thing as taking it too far. If you try to force the issue or try to move things too quickly you could end up scaring your ex off.

    2) Regain control of your life. It may seem like things have spun out of control since the break up, but that isn’t going to help you get your ex back. If you want to have a relationship that is more under control, then it needs to have partners in it who are in control of their own life. Not only will this give the relationship a better chance, it will help you look more attractive. People are drawn to confidence and if you are in control of things you will have that confidence.

    3) Avoid the drive-by. You may be incredibly interested in what is going on in their life and you might miss them terribly, but try to avoid driving by their house. This will only help you look obsessed and desperate. You are more likely to get a restraining order than you are to get your ex back.

    4) Give it some time and space. If the relationship just recently ended, allow a cushion in there. If you force yourself back into their life when they want a break from you, any bad feelings that they have towards you will only be amplified. Allow them a chance to miss you and for them to cool down their negative thoughts towards you.

    5) Don’t bother their friends and family. It’s not a bad thing to be concerned or worried about them. It isn’t a bad thing to want to know what they are doing. It is a bad thing to start pestering the ones they care about. If you keep calling them or keep inquiring about your ex, they may get tired of you quickly. Few people want to be a middle man and most people resent being put in that situation. When that happens, they will most likely not have good things to say about you when they talk to your ex.

    There are many other things that you can do that may help you get your ex back. Just make sure that in your efforts you don’t push them further away. The best free tips on how to get your ex back will help you accomplish that.

    There will be more tips to follow in a similar vein on this site but to see the master of relationship recovery check out:

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    Adult Dating Site Announces Free Membership for Women is a UK based dating website catering specifically for the adult dating market. In common with many other adult or sex dating sites a basic registration is free which gives members access to some limited functionality including being able to upload a profile and search for other members. Should a member wish to contact another member using one of the sites built in communication tools (including email, chat, virtual gifts and winks) then an upgrade to paid membership is required.

    Now Fun Hunter has announced that all female members will automatically become full members for free. Men will still have to pay to upgrade.

    A spokesman for said “We have made a strategic decision to modify our business strategy. Fun Hunter has always had a relatively even mix of men and women, however far fewer females have paid to become full members. Now everyone wins: men will be able to contact women knowing they can respond, females get all the benefits of membership from the start.”

    About Fun Hunter is a an adult dating website – it allows fun loving singles to meet and mix without any of the prudishness sometimes associated with traditional dating websites.

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    Adults only dating site has undergone a complete overhaul of its website design.

    Press Release

    The dating site has been providing discreet fun for its members for nearly two years. Although FunHunter is firmly in the category of sex dating, it nevertheless has a reputation as a sophisticated brand in this market. The new design reflects these values with a modern professional look with hints of romance and seduction. Website owner Chris Ellis said “Feedback from our members so far is fantastic – they love the new look and feel of the site. I am really pleased that we have revealed the new design in time for Christmas, traditionally a very romantic time of year”.

    FunHunter recently introduced a web cam feature that allows members to post date-stamped pictures – obviating out of date or misleading pictures which are a problem on some other sites. New developments are being introduced all the time – billing by mobile phone account is one example – and features will be announced throughout the new year.

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    Adult Dating Site Has New Webcam Feature

    Press Release

    It’s often been a problem with dating websites – when you finally get to meet your date the reality does not quite match the expectation. Now one leading adult dating website has solved the problem of way out of date or unrecognisable pictures. A new feature at allows members to load a webcam picture direct to the site which is automatically given a date and time stamp. This proves to other members that the picture is a genuine recent photo.

    Not only does this let the user prove they are who they say, in the case of Fun Hunter most members are more than happy to put on a sexy pose.

    About Fun Hunter is a an adult dating website - it allows fun loving singles to meet and mix without any of the prudishness sometimes associated with dating websites. Members join for free and can search for potential partners, choosing to upgrade to a paid membership when they are ready to take the search further and make contact.
    For more details see

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